The first video once again quietly raised the threshold

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recently was obvious: the first video of the audit more stringent, for some small flow station has not approved, do not know what the first video also introduced the new policy, before the first video had closed the new owners to join, also makes people have in the Taobao open to sell the first video account! The first video for the website to open join increased restrictions many, of course, some of the conditions in the last general webmaster’s strong request to cancel! The first video once again raise the audit threshold may have what new policy


I guess: the first video website to adjust the structure, absorb some of the advertisers high quality website, for some for advertisers, not high quality station compression, and thereby more suitable for cleaning. Advertisers that advertisers under pressure mouth!, the first video to attract advertisers believe that the quality of the


guess two: billing may adjust the first video advertising, any kind of billing for a long time, there will be loopholes, so in order to avoid cheating, the first video may adjust the charging.

conjecture three: the size of the first video has grown too big, and then expand for the first video, the server, bandwidth and other cost issues, the first video may not be expanded again!

guess four: the first video may have to adjust the advertising strategy, the first video code in the new text ads can be seen, may be the first video to learn GOOGLE, expand the advertising, the market will have low cost


conjecture five: adjust the webmaster policy, the first video bigger, Ken may be some tough policy to Adsense!

anyway, I hope before the first video policy carefully, look at Ali now, think of all the tricks to attract owners, or no one, so the first video to learn to cherish, cherish so much trust in you


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