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site for more than half a year, several stations, a garbage than a collection of benefits is not a little. As a white, my SEO is always fight the prawns eighteen like Wu Yi. Gradually, I accept this reality, the reality is the reality, tell me this way.

looked at the station every day, a few dollars a day. To tell the truth, at that time did not do the webmaster’s confidence, also did not share the vision. The station began to want to do, say not to want to make money is pure nonsense. I just want to earn money, get money to buy two packs of cigarettes, eat two meals.

unfortunately, the reality gave me a good lesson. Reality is not the same as imagination.

so I know, Wangzhuan, only the advertising is absolutely impossible! At least to me this cabbage level station. At that time, it was melancholy, so it is no longer to take care of the garbage station. Might as well think of ways to re create a new battlefield, and if the competition is not too big. After all, I do not ask, do not want to work through the station to princes, just want to work home, earn a little money, too little time.

this time station, I will analyze a long time: as usual by advertising alliance? It is still not as good as I honestly go to work. Open forum, by providing members with privileges? I cut, even the garbage station could not, want to engage in a forum, the forum now say Richard tell some fantastic tales, so strict, this road is still blocked.

thought I thought this idea with a friend do a kart website: kart game player network (http://s.www.ppkdc.net/ network game player is said, is actually a kart external network. PS: the story of this paragraph, see "domestic Ling Ling". In fact, mainly rely on the kid is talented, his whole out of a plug-in. That’s it!

I will not be so stupid, to engage in what kind of plug in some websites. As the saying goes, specialize in. I’m for kart plug. One is that I have the resources on hand, can rely on the money; two is that their website content is more specific, not a large collection, let Baidu to K, so I have time to artificial pseudo original, can greatly improve the image of the spider in the lovely eyes.

so, I give pseudo original, Baidu to traffic. With the flow, we have to turn it into quality. This quality, it is better the quality of money, the heavier the better. (


someone to come, someone would like to look at my that a few plug-ins, anyway, did not say that the above charges, there must be someone to download to use, with a cool, we can charge fees on the money. Money is happy, happy to share, to tell you a Wangzhuan idea. Wangzhuan, don’t limit really to rely on advertising, expand ideas, maybe a better way.

don’t ask me how much I can do this job, don’t ask me any other good projects,


if you want to make money on the Internet, you have to expand your mind

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