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titanium media note: compared to mature large companies, start-up companies have a certain degree of specificity. The relationship between entrepreneurs and employees tend to be more closely, the level will not be too complicated.

in fact, when it comes to the management of small teams, many entrepreneurs do not qualified. The founder of the team to deliver positive energy at the same time, must bear more pressure; and as employees and team, at any stage of the development of the company hopes to maintain a certain degree of transparency management. However, the bottom of the head to determine the difference between the two sides of the psychological state, entrepreneurial starting point will affect the management and the staff level communication efficiency.

management companies, related to psychology, related to workplace rules. The headlines recommend titanium media is to discuss this topic, the content compiled from the famous Losangeles investment company Upfront Ventures Mark Suster, a former senior partner of a business case depth discussion of management, start-up companies CEO in the end of his / her team with a transparent


Chris Sun Rongjiang,

/ CEO titanium media compiled transparent management, the modern enterprise system, not what it sounds good in dispute. However, CEO should disclose all the things to his employees,


of course not. Transparency, in fact, is a very difficult topic to write. Now, it is almost a consensus in the business circle that full transparency is the right thing to do. I beg to differ.

discussion before I take a point that I use "CEO" as a synonym for "founder community", which can represent several co-founder, may also only refers to the company boss (at least, in the management of the core inside you remain completely transparent which I admit).

entrepreneurs "fears

since you took the business risk, quit his full-time job, it looks like the decision itself like a cliff jump. To start this thing itself than most people think more exciting, more let you very careful, fear.

why are you afraid to start a business? For one moment you will understand that you have to start judging people.

first, you might be afraid to explain why. Your parents want to know what made you get muddy, quit the Google work? "Baby? This job is not very valuable?"

– "yes, mom. But what I’m going to do is a big team, they think is how to make the search algorithm can get a little development. Yes, I know, but now it’s time for me to try something more ambitious."

– "Oh, all right, boy. But aren’t you going to get married next year? What are you going to do for your wedding? "

your peers will be jealous of what you’re doing, because it’s what they’ve always wanted to do but didn’t do. After all they send >

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