Open shop is a good Wangzhuan way

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open shop is a good way for a project is higher, more money, is a good choice for many people, there are good and bad, but also a risk today to talk about some small views about it, I did not say sorry.

said now for the new shop mainly refers to open a store on, then put their goods sold, it has become a popular topic in the Internet era, more and more people through the network shopping, it is convenient and there are a lot of reality than cheap, may have petty psychological. Although Taobao in the online shopping on the Internet, is a virtual network market, but the principle is the same with the reality, there are buyers and sellers, which is a real money trading, which is a virtual currency trading is an electronic business platform, now has been very popular, and will exist for a long period of development, has become a mainstream on the internet.

then we should be how to open a shop, first registered an account on, opening its own stores, positioning yourself shop, mainly selling what goods, for the crowd which, the preparatory work is to prepare for the best, do some market research is better, so the conclusion will be right, we can be targeted.

the second is to find their own sources, from where the purchase, how many goods can go, how much time, these have to know in advance, looking for a good business, on a good price, there must be able to provide a stable supply, can sometimes have the goods, sometimes not, so that people will not believe you and even lose a lot of customers.

find a good source to think about the marketing strategy for retail as the main body, run wholesale, small profits is the guidelines for me, but one thing, no sale! This is a good strategy, look at what you do is the sale, to analyze specific issues, do not blindly, have their own advantages and characteristics.


above are good to think about how to promote the shop, is waiting for the arrival of customers or take the initiative? I believe everyone will choose the latter, although many promotion means is not allowed, whether you are a careful study of the new promotion methods? 10 days ago due to busy shop decoration, ah, to learn ah. Edit pictures and shelves of goods ah, how did the store really is propaganda, I was extremely disappointed No one shows any interest in, but be disappointed, disappointed, disappointed customers will not because you sympathize with you and come to patronize you, after the disappointment or a drum for gas to think about how to promote, the existing methods are many: opening Wang Pu, joined the consumer protection association, the opening of train… Two… Before I do, think there is not much improvement, I should find some new sellers, so to search through the shops Just opened near the seller directly and they want socks, chat, this method is really effective, it is found some can not find suppliers and distressed sellers good goods reliable, although this method is.

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