From the CPA transformation to the Taobao customer cheating master Wangzhuan Road

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first contact Wangzhuan or 2010 January. From the start of a foreign station to do Neobux. Hold to earn $2 a month to do Wangzhuan click. I believe a lot of people are starting from the click to do to do it. In order to earn more dollars a day to do more than ten click on the station, but some sites fail, some sites do not pay. By a lot of tired, and finally earned only $1. The following month schedule to describe the form of 2010 I walked the Wangzhuan Road, I believe there will be a lot of inspiration to many just contact Wangzhuan novice.

January: hold to earn dollars. Start a foreign click station.

February: contact with the domestic advertising task network (which is not mentioned), began to do tasks. Now, in retrospect, I really want to thank the ad network. Because my Wangzhuan way is to start from here. During this period, I learned a lot of knowledge. Wangzhuan road is actually a learning way, only by constantly learning, in order to find all the way down. Remember the deepest impression is that there is a 2 cent CPA registered advertising, every day I do the more than and 140 (for IP registration, belong to cheating). Earn more than and 20 a day, was very excited. But good times don’t last long because of the local IP, resources are limited, to do so is to repeat the IP data is invalid. So every day looking forward to this ad network has a new task on the line.

March: in the process of talking to someone in the know advertising task network these tasks are from advertising to. The price of the advertising alliance is more than double that of advertising. But the advertising alliance advertising has to use their own website. So he began to learn to do. What space, domain names, FTP upload these are a little bit of learning. This is also done for the future to lay the foundation for Taobao.

from April to May: after a period of study, finally have the first station of its own: 98 business information network (I think this is a welcome step Wangzhuan road. Has been done from the task to do stand. But many people do Wangzhuan not take this step. So in the days after has not achieved what achievements. They still continue to do the task of a few cents, or even playing the code, voting, may not even earn electricity back.

June: with their own stations, to apply for advertising alliance. At that time there are several mobile phone verification code advertising, a CPA is 4 yuan. If it is in the advertising task network, this task is probably a few cents it. I made more than 1 thousand a month. Maybe you will ask, is the site to make the real traffic, huh, huh, of course not. If an advertisement to earn so much, at least about ten thousand IP. Still did not leave CPA cheating, specifically how to cheat, which ad, I do not want to say. Because cheating won’t go too far. It won’t take long to pick up the phone’s verification code. Now I am afraid I have not received a phone verification code CPA is a 4 yuan advertising. So it won’t last long. If you >

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