Google Adsense click rate of about 5% of the site case analysis

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Maozai today to give you a Google Adsense tutorial, this is a Google Adsense on the rate of about 5% of the website screenshot, this is Maozai a music class garbage station screenshot, this website Google Adsense click rate has been relatively high, the lowest was above 3%, the highest point to reached 8%.

do Google Adsense well, there is a click to make money, especially for the garbage station, with a relatively good click through rate, must be based on the flow can earn more money. This method is very suitable for music or entertainment website.

we first look at the website screenshot:


we take a closer look at the location of the current placement of the ads, or more reasonable (a little more).

especially at the top of this link ad, click rate is very high.

with Maozai experience, we hope to utilize the link with advertising, advertising on the link, click rate has greatly improved, the garbage Maozai station, click on the ads to mostly through the connection. Google Adsense advertising location how to put the good, Maozai I think is to the fusion, let others look not clear is in its ads or links. A little bit of suspicion of cheating, the pursuit of high click rate of people must try, Google actually do not mind)

and I like it link advertising up and down the distance, I feel a little larger than the link between advertising and content close together with the effect of better (people think it is the site’s own links). Get too tight, I am afraid that is to seek the wrong rate of others, but the average person can see the ads, but the point of the more careful.

interested friends can try!

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