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what is the point of setting up a website, or what do you use to build a web site? How do you plan the soul of the site – content?

There are many online

teach you how to step by step in the production of "knowledge, but these knowledge is purely from a technical point of view of narrow sense, tell you how to make your site" stand up ", belong to the lowest level, not from the Internet strategic planning website and network management project.

so how to plan a profitable site?

if you’ve made up your mind to go online, you don’t know where to start. Well, here are some questions. If you can have a clear answer to every question, then your online strategy, website planning has a very cool blueprint, the next step, you look at how to implement this blueprint.

question 1: what is the purpose of your website?


1, advertise your business.

2, sales of products and services.

3, the establishment of a public service.

4, for a kind of thought, idea, career promotion.

5, to make their business to the world.

question two: how big is the size of your website?


1, very small, there is a site on the line.

2, starting from the smallest scale, and then gradually developed.

3, quite complex.

4, extremely large and complex.

question three: do you want or need an independent domain name?

question four: who is your primary audience?


1, industrial and commercial, professional.

2, female.

3, male.

4, teens.

5, children.

6, students.

7, all.

8, others.

question five: Based on the clear audience positioning, how do you want the website design features?


1, content oriented, professional design, careful.

2, visual design trendy, login speed.

3, a large number of graphics and animation, ignoring the login speed.

4, focus on visual design, but also very fast.

5, login speed is the most important.

question six: how are you going to promote your website online, offline or both

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