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from the channel brand to its own brand, Li Jing and her music bee to do the best, but also the best, but far from success. This electricity supplier industry layman can go far?



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at the end of December 2012, the end of the past, it is north of the coldest, we met Li Jing in the office of the Oriental fashion. In order to cooperate with our business magazine photo, she wore a white suit for the spring and autumn, the end of a photo, she quickly wrapped in a thick wool shawl. Li Jing on the electricity supplier’s winter is also a personal feeling it?

business had a bad day is not a day for two days, the investment community was talking about the electricity supplier is sentenced to death for the media at several business enterprise already sent the countdown. The vertical place has not been spared, along with Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang and other several platform based electricity supplier war card to come to an end, leaving less room for vertical maneuvers, there are many people dished out the "vertical electric dead" bomb speech.

host Li Jing is very reluctant to use the electricity business system to think about these issues, but she has been unable to avoid the living environment of Le bee network. If not quickly solve the electricity supplier profitability of this ultimate proposition, how with counterparts in the naked melee safely from the Department, to avoid large platform extrusion, is a pressing matter of the moment.

"I think about my own survival rules, and then think about what the space is. As we discuss the private television production company where way, discuss why? You think this two or three program is good, there is good way, well you are a state-owned company game." Li Jing told venture capital.

Li Jing’s survival rule is a private label. In other words, Le bee network as a cosmetics B2C, selling other people’s brand, but also to sell their own brand to create. In addition to,, etc. I know every day, drugstore channels are doing its own brand in the attempt, only one purpose, hoping to comeback.

Le bee network is the first to do some of its own brand B2C, it can be said to be relatively mature. Li Jing to do their own brand is the way, according to the characteristics of each star or cosmetics professionals in the field, to create their own cosmetics brand. JPLUS is the best static Li Jing, JMIXP and JLYNN for cosmetics Daren P and Mei Mei and custom, which is known as the Daren brand.

, however, Li Jing did not feel full of security. "There is a risk of its own brand, do you want to compete with L’OREAL to compete with Procter & Gamble?."

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some time ago, Li Jing spent 28 on Taobao to buy a decorative glasses, she felt pretty good, easily sent to the micro-blog, the results that >

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