Engaged in foreign trade umbrella on the nternet exports 5 million a year

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Jiang Zhuoyu every day through the network and customer contact.

products too failed.

re start

this time choose to sell umbrellas

with previous failures, design of product "Jiang Zhuoyu very seriously, he took out the savings of 50 thousand yuan, from the Alibaba website for a web page, pictures and information umbrella elaborate after put up, add the fax machines and other office supplies, the next day to sit in front of the computer to wait contact with their customers.

"at the beginning of the customer inquiry is not much, only four or five per day." Jiang Zhuoyu said that many customers often ask the price will no longer echo. 3 months later, a business did not make.

3 months with the first single

create a classic

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