Specification for the writing of business plan

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The business plan is the entrepreneurial idea, through the final implementation of the carrier by put it down in black and white. The quality of the business plan, often directly affect the entrepreneurial sponsors can find partners, access to capital and other policies to support entrepreneurship plan Nirvana how to write a business plan? According to the target, that is, to see the object of the book is different, for example, to write to investors, or to take bank loans. For different purposes, the focus of the plan will be different. However, the business plan also has a general format, the need to cover the following content.

The first is

followed by Customers (customer). The customer scope should be very clear, for example, that all women are the customer, 50, women under the age of five is your customer.

third Competitors (competitors). Need to ask, do you have something to sell, whether there is a substitute, competitors with your relationship is direct or indirect.

finally Continuation (continuous operation). What are the plans for the future when the business is doing well.

This is usually a

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