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every busy don’t want to work, will stop and look at the group message or online everywhere, see others SEO blogs, actually re open the blog is to save the novice, but the real blog, but it can’t pick up the mind to write. I don’t have the responsibility to save the planet, so there’s no need to write some real SEO ways to make money.

Tomb-sweeping Day, to tell the truth, I really do not know Tomb-sweeping Day is a solar or lunar calendar, so to see Search Ranking have holiday arrangements, so the next point:

Baidu keyword list: Qingming holiday arrangements 2012

Baidu index: usually around 6000, the number began to soar in 12, and now is estimated that in the next few days will also surge in the number of 150 thousand.


as a SEO enthusiast, always like to look at the Baidu search results from SEO’s point of view:

first is Baidu’s own box program, second is micro-blog dynamics,

fourth and fifth are two separate sites, so comfortable for hobbies, point into the next Tomb-sweeping Day (because this holiday arrangements are generally large portal pages or the official website to occupy the front row, independent website ranking is so good, there is definitely a SEO operation.



website program: one is zblog, one is a simple CMS.

: the pure profit flow profit way don’t think is advertising, Baidu alliance and pop is the most important.

see from above two the title of the site can, second hits will certainly be much larger than the first one, because second more professional, the initial guess second many sites in the overall strength of above. So focus on the next second ranked zblog.


Most of the first version of the

site is advertising, really give the user to see the contents of the three holiday arrangements that link. The above is the text of Google union advertising, the left side of the Baidu union advertising picture, the right is the classic Google ad, the middle of the three ads are sandwiched between the contents of the user search. You can see Google text ads, very accurate, so that advertising is certainly the highest click rate, Google classic hits second, Baidu pictures third, in addition there are two pop website.


through the webmaster tools contrast, second of the site without any suspense overwhelmed the first site, also confirmed my previous ideas. It’s Alexa ranked 200 thousand, which is a non webmaster class website, so ranking is good, the estimated flow is 7>

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