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believe in this knowledge, online search casually, needless to say, a dozen, but it seems a bit exaggerated, but when you reach that state, you will experience. It’s been months since I wrote an article in A5. But do not write things does not mean that do not read the article. Over the past few days, mainly in the past few months to optimize some of the Google advertising experience, I hope to write out. To help a friend.

two months ago in A5 to see an article on the optimization of Google Advertising, when the experience is very deep, they added their QQ group. Group name is: more than 10 knives excellent webmaster discussion group, really, at that time I was less than a day of income of 10 knives, when I was about 2 knives. In the group, we discuss a lot of things, there are very enthusiastic friends to help me with some optimization, but are not up to the effect that I want, then I 8000ip, day 2 knives, they are very sigh, traffic can’t earn money, but in their method put ads, click on%3, and click on my ideal is%7, so do click on, is not an ordinary person can optimize to get, but if you really seriously pondering together, will be able to achieve. Some friends may think that such a high number of clicks K. I’m here to tell you that any game has a law. As long as you don’t break the rules. Don’t walk crooked road, believe that you are in a high natural click Google will not say you violate the policy, all you want to make money from Google, first of all you have to do is to understand the policy of google. In order to ensure that you start the Google plan to make money. We continue to click on the topic, click on the problem how to flow into, is really a headache, this problem is not just one estimate beat me. I believe a lot of friends have encountered more traffic, but click on the problem. This is the main purpose of my writing. How can it flow into click it?

of course, a lot of this situation, perhaps this method is not suitable for you, but may be helpful to see you?

my station Gz66 game network is a forum Dvbbs I was using the 728×90 format in the post title below, this effect can be said that the most common, the most basic. Casually visit a Google Advertising forum. Advertising is basically put. But I tell you, this is not the best effect, perhaps some people say, yes, I put it, click to reach%3. I have such a thought before,%3 has been engaged in the click. What do you want?. But I was wrong. What is%3. I have a friend who joined the network about his food, optimization of advertising, that is to optimize, which I call optimization ah, he can reach%20.%20 click click what is a digital. We have to analyze his success, the food industry to join the site, small flow. Big competition. Good match, a good match to open it, the price is also enviable. Enter him >

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