Domain name jump also need to record the new network interconnection 24 days clean up

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April 24th, the reporter learned from the new network interconnection, the company will start in April 24th to clean up those who do not have the record, but set the domain name jump business. Insiders expressed frustration at the move, saying it would impact the domain name investment market.

said the new network, the company received notice of the Ministry of industry, the thorough investigation of those who did not pass the record, but set up the domain name business jump. The company decided to close the domain name from April 24th.

new network interconnection, only the domain name of the jump and the domain name has been the target of the jump has been filed, the normal use of forwarding business. For example, if you want to set the jump to the, the two domain names must be through the record.

another registered service provider network marketing department official said, the Ministry recently issued a document. However, as of press time, 10 thousand nets, new network, resource register business has not been issued a notice.

industry believes that the domain name jump record illegal websites to blame. If the implementation of the provisions of a large area, there will be no room for those who have no impact on the domain name investors. (end)

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