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Taobao guest I think we are very clear what to do, and now many webmasters are doing, including a lot of veteran owners are doing Taobao. But when I was on the Taobao site, I got a lot of extra income. I started from April last year to contact Taobao customer, I am just beginning in the forum posts, blogs do not know how to do propaganda. To later blog popularity, was blocked by sina. So I think if you want to continue to do it, it is necessary to do a website.

but there were a lot of Taobao passenger source, just like I love 123 such procedures, so on the Internet to download a web site navigation source, their slightly changed, he made a crown book stores navigation website. this is my website, we can look at, very rubbish, I do not know what to optimize the. After the site to do a good job, I started posting in forums everywhere, in fact, there is not much effect, the flow is quite a lot. Finally, listen to people say do SEO know, so I study SEO, slowly also knows some, now the site of several Baidu keywords ranking the first page.

actually contact Taobao before I was in Taobao shop, said to be open for a long time shop, but there is no business, let alone make money. But in my shop, I learned a lot, a lot of knowledge about Taobao, Taobao now has what the heart of the dynamic, how to decorate the shop, how to do the store ranking, and so on, I know. Combined with a SEO based I know now, for the optimization of a Taobao shop is very poor. So I looked for my brother and a friend, three people opened a studio specializing in shop decoration, optimization, and promotion of business. Business is good.

we finally go to some of the Taobao community, forums, as well as a number of sources of the site, to send posts, but not advertising oh. Some of the basic knowledge about Taobao shop, and some shops on the decoration, optimization of this post. Finally, leave the contact information below the article. Really did not expect so many people to come to us, we wrote about soft Wen, inside the island link to our site, not only to the website ranking sit up, most of all, my Taobao guest website there are many Taobao sellers to find us advertising on our website, the first advertisement our price is very cheap, the most important is the Taobao guest website on the crowd, are some potential shoppers, which also offers a big advantage Taobao seller.

now my site’s advertising, basically booked out, we are thinking about how to increase advertising. There are more than a few months of advertising revenue than Taobao passenger Commission, of course, my Taobao Commission very little, ha ha.

In fact, Taobao

now has a lot of room for development, as long as you move your brain, optimistic about their strengths, you will be able to make money.

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