Baidu theme promotion request greatly reduced

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      Baidu alliance VS Google Adsense advertising alliance

      Google’s strong attack on advertising alliance adsense. Baidu can not relax the threshold of Baidu theme promotion. Baidu theme promotion requirements have been ranked 50 thousand alexa. 50 thousand can count on the station level. Make many personal Adsense can only find his way.

      but Google come to mopping up posture, not only the small website finished, even large portal will also have to work with him. (Google Adsense site traffic is not required). Google Adsense is about to become synonymous with web advertising alliance. Recently, even Sina and Google cooperation, Baidu can sit safely.

      just this year, the size of the owners have complained that the price of Adsense is significantly less than the previous two years. Are also looking for other ways, and there are a lot of people account was Google closed (cheating), but also to reduce the risk. Baidu at this time is the time to let go of cooperation. Now apply for Baidu theme promotion basically can pass. After a lot of ranking 1 million friends can also do Baidu theme promotion. However, according to the observation of the wind and some netizens evaluation, because of various reasons, click rate, advertising, advertising style, price, etc., Baidu’s revenue is still much lower than google.

      but it seems that some large concessions. Look at Baidu’s argument:

      please see the Commission for the promotion of theme:

      initial commission ratio was 50%;

      as a natural month average daily volume of more than 50 thousand times (inclusive) and less than 200 thousand times, the commission rate of 60%;

      the average daily volume of a natural month is more than 200 thousand times (including) and less than 500 thousand times, the commission ratio is 70%;

      as a natural month average daily volume reached 500 thousand (inclusive) above, and exclusive cooperation with Baidu, the commission rate of 80%.

      from advertisers and your trust is the basis for the growth of Baidu, I hope you and Baidu alliance will get more revenue!

      yes, Google Adsense continues to grow, Baidu >

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