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author Jason Schuller is the founder of WordPress Press75.com theme store, adhere to the minimalist design of the WordPress theme he welcomed by the people, gave him millions of dollars in revenue in 6 years. Sell WordPress theme really so Haozhuan? Is there something


in 2008 January, I worked in the Boeing 10 years, tidy up their own several months WordPress theme template, by myself a little HTML, CSS knowledge on some topics, plug-ins for reverse engineering. At that time, WordPress will come to me that is very simple, other web sites can also be used. As I continue to publish articles in my blog, I find myself in a certain position in the WordPress community, there are many followers. It gave me the confidence to quit, to be a freelance WordPress.

January 2008: Everything starts

at the end of January 2008, I released the first free WordPress theme "Massive News" on the Internet, this theme is to construct and re split design a theme of Derek Pusalan. Derek is a designer and developer inspired by others.

design for mobile devices

has always been troubled by the content design of mobile devices, but also trying to adapt to the design of the web page iPhone. The responsive web page is now well designed, but in 2008, it took time to put a WordPress theme into a iPhone responsive web page. In order to satisfy my curiosity, I designed and released a mobile version of the Massive News theme, at the time of the convergence of the news theme. Because of it, my blog traffic and the number of customers is also growing steadily.

April 2008: found my professional field

in April 2008, I was got scorched by the flames of customer requirements. Most of my clients are very good people, but I found that the work is not as simple as I thought, enrich. When you create and release free content on the Internet, although you have the right to modify, but customers do not do so. I started thinking about making the "advanced" WordPress theme, perhaps by designing and selling WordPress themes to make money. At that time, only a few people on the Internet to sell WordPress theme, I remember only Adii Pienaar, Brian Gardner>

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