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most of the SEO, are their own online tutorials, toss the code one hand; update the contents of one hand, the first one out of the chain. From the site to the site to promote the construction of one-stop one person get. I look like a very powerful, so many owners will have a sense of self-sufficiency, especially when you can not earn money, more easily irritable. Always feel busy for so long, the total return. More "insist on victory" to comfort themselves with other people’s remarks, I do not know where the basis of this statement.

is now the team’s age, although there are many teams on the network, but the nature is almost constant, and not to the operating segments, is still in accordance with the same, we make a station, with operating a project only, there is no plan of work. Rely on SEO independent entrepreneurship is the dream of most webmaster. And become a SEO director, will let you really mature, in which you will know what you should give up, stick to what.

stopped his repeated operation

update articles, hair chain, these are not what you should do. Yes, you have written so many years of pseudo original, made so many years of the chain, there must be a lot of skills, there are certain you do better than others. However, do not take this as an advanced skill, you have tried, as long as you guide your subordinates, so that they do is enough.

guide subordinates

you precipitated so many years of experience, you may be living on the golden bowl. But this time you can’t save your experience, your performance is related to your future. There are two road: let your employees idle, you do; without reservation to teach subordinates, their idle. Your choice will not surprise me. You have to believe that when a manager is successful, he is not an individual. A successful executive is certainly not a simple technology.

do a good job overall planning

may, before you are suddenly want to do a website what website to do a website what want to do today, how much do the chain chain, want to test this test technique. However, there is a difference between the ship and boat, more than turn the ship boat trouble. The company’s Web site is related to the survival of the network, by not with you. The majority of SEO’s choice is probably because it’s free, but if you want to grow up, you have to have everything. Planning for your department to perform. Even, many times, you should have a set of programs for the superior choice, if necessary, a number of sites simultaneously test.

do data statistics report

if you become the head of the Department of the network, you will slowly understand, deal with you most is not false original, not the chain, but the report. Yes, the report is your core. With so many people working on the project, your main job is to figure out which way to go and which way to go. In addition, you must do it regularly

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