2007 personal web site analysis

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            after 06 years in Waterloo, in the 07 year lunar new year is approaching, obviously feel personal weakness, even 315 this year as usual may spend, because there is no pressure, no risk. Making money on the road. Vast wasteland.

          07 years, the site to do, how to adhere to their own website, how to make a quick profit, placed in front of many puzzles.

07 total advertising market analysis  

    before the 80% income depends on the class of mobile phone owners, SMS, MMS WAP, iivr monthly. Now the effect of SP is less than the previous 10%, 07 years will continue to reduce. Taobao eBay and other rich advertising alliance will gradually reduce investment, experienced 06 years of pain in the risk of investment money, in the next 07 years will continue to reduce.

07 personal website development thinking

Web site in the future will surely die, 1) web site now want to do it, is very difficult, even impossible, unless you use the virus, you use the plug-in, you spend millions of millions of years to hit 1-2, any type of Web site, it will be difficult to develop. Whether it is a direct web site, or the exchange of the type of Web site, or the type of web site. Since the sale of hao123, the site of the station, this simple model was quickly copied, and even to a web site staff. Where is the money in the future? Rely on Baidu search, Google search, Yahoo search is divided into to make money? Baidu own hao123, Google also with the strategic alliance, Yahoo has its own dynamic URL 3721.

  forum community class   pain and development. Forum is the earliest model of web2.0;

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