Don’t use software thinking to be a hit Four suggestions for hardware entrepreneurs

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tiger sniffing has been concerned about the rise of the new hardware entrepreneurial movement. For example, the "hacker should enter the beautiful new hardware", as well as on the Chinese record this "Taobao + +Kickstarter + Huaqiang North Pearl River Delta passenger survival status report more specific, creating" the rise of

trends and trends in that, but some of the key, entrepreneurs can do more on guard against and planning.

famous American investor Chris Dixon recently wrote an article in his blog, mentioned four points worth hardware entrepreneurs, especially in from software engineering to entrepreneurs reference.

the following content by Tencent science and Technology Translation:

if you want to start Hard Suits Inc, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1 production: production is a complex process, entrepreneurs have to live on the edge of the factory

from prototype production to mass production process, many Hard Suits Inc failed. In order to understand the production process, entrepreneurs tend to live in China for a few months, or even years. In contrast, hardware entrepreneurs often have more work experience than software entrepreneurs, because production itself is a very complex process.

2 defensive: what do you take to combat low cost


Hard Suits Inc usually have economies of scale, but there is no network hardware products. This means that as long as you find the market, you will face competition from low-cost producers. The best startups will make up for the lack of hardware with software or services that have a network or platform effect. Using hardware to create revenue, with software and services to create profits.

3 Planning: small steps to run at any time to upgrade the software development model is not suitable for hardware venture

development – Test – repeat mode is popular in software companies, but it is not suitable for Hard Suits Inc. It is necessary to make a reasonable plan, because some mistakes can not be repaired. For example, your design may not meet the environmental requirements, but you do not find the problem until a few years later when the product is ready to market.

4 B2C competition B2B: not as good as the latter

consumer hardware is often more concerned, but B2B hardware also has many advantages. For the first time, you will have fewer competitors, because there are very few entrepreneurs who are familiar with the business sector. Secondly, you will also have fewer international competitors, because B2B hardware usually requires a localized sales and service team, which makes it difficult for foreign competitors to copy your model. Finally, the production process can be carried out locally, because the higher price means you do not have to worry too much about the cost of labor.


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