Wang Wei Secret 9 mortgage property from smuggled goods to SF president

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he never advertised, didn’t see PE, was interviewed……

he’s 150 thousand employees, huge purchases of the IBM information, human resource management consulting service and system, he always do small pieces express.

he is the "Martian" Ma admire the most: the head of SF EXPRESS Wang Wei.

Wang Wei, 20 years ago, 100 thousand yuan started today, the annual turnover of tens of billions of dollars, its cargo aircraft 11; profit sharing with employees, employees have been earning tens of thousands; innovation (innovation in March did not feel threatened by growing crises); workaholics, work 14 hours a day; regular work, grassroots employees; low-key, do not know him strong, 100 shares; SF; bold, has 9 times the property mortgage.

SF, Chinese private express delivery giant. The company is about to celebrate the 20 anniversary, but the outside world is still very little known about it, he is undoubtedly a low-key alternative enterprise.

"smuggled goods through Hong Kong Express

monopoly guy"

Wang Wei has a word: SF line is the most close to the lovely people". Because he is also close to the origin, had "backpackers".

1971, Wang Wei was born in Shanghai, his father is a Russian Air Force interpreter, the mother is a university teacher in Jiangxi. At the age of 7, Wang Wei and his family moved to Hongkong. After graduating from high school, he no longer read, to Shunde to start printing and dyeing.

in early 90s, by Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour, Hongkong more than 80 thousand factories moved to the mainland, including the Pearl River Delta accounted for more than 50 thousand, between Hongkong and the Pearl River Delta mail, freight began to surge. At first, Wang Wei entrusted by the people, between Guangdong and Hongkong with some goods. Slowly, more and more things, with a pull box can not be installed, he realized that this is a business opportunity.

March 26, 1993, Wang Wei took his father borrowed 100 thousand yuan, registered in Shunde, SF EXPRESS, a company of only 6 people. At the same time, he rented dozens of square meters storefront in Hongkong Prince Portland Street, designed for the business delivery of letters to the Pearl River delta. Wang Wei and the staff from the backpack and trolley freight, known as the "smuggled goods".

The other 70

piece goods, Shun harvest 40, Wang Wei "price cut Beach" strategy to attract a large number of customers, even creating a deserted Portland street.

because of market demand, SF will soon extend to all parts of Guangdong. At that time, each built a SF, to register a new company, branch to all local franchisee, which makes the SF in a few years, the Pearl River Delta area express market firmly in their own hands. But also because of such barbaric growth, SF industry was once called "mouse".

in this madness, to 1997, Wang Wei almost monopolized all the express mail. >

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