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since we released the server-side advertising to set this function, we modify the code is more convenient. Google AdSense code is the best way to get the code directly through the account and embedded into the site to be put in the page source code, but we found that there are a number of sites to adjust the AdSense advertising code display. For example, in a part of the literature website and some content management systems have similar to the AdSense code delivery mode:


< div id=" span_ad_01" style=" display:none" >

< script type=" text/javascript" > <!

google_ad_client = " pub-1234512345123451";

google_ad_slot = " 1234567890";

google_ad_width = 300;

google_ad_height = 250;

google_color_border = " E32BF1";

google_color_bg = " 689BF1";


< /script>

< script type=" text/javascript"

src="" >

< /script>

< /div>

< div id= "span_ad_04" > < /div>

< script>


span_ad_01.innerHTML=" ";

< /script>


this kind of advertisement

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