How do raise the Google Adsense unit price to 0 18 to 0 02

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website has been for many years, also have on hand many websites, although the flow is good, but the income was not ideal. Before selling links to earn a little money, although in January to earn a few hundred dollars, but it is so tired, all the information of the links in the A5 area, and then send the information, contact QQ…… Indeed, very tiring.

finally at a friend’s suggestion, I began to place the Google AdSense advertising, in the beginning of last year, that the flow line, every day to see their own login to AdSense how much income, but each is very disappointing, the average is about $3, most of the time is 5, 6 dollars in January, down 100. Not only the dollar and low income, the click rate is only 0.2, most unit price is 0.01 dollars, an average of less than 0.02, he felt very discouraged, because their expectations have a great gap. So gradually no longer reason.

until one day, I wandered on the Internet, just to a discussion forum to see Wangzhuan, specially optimized for AdSense advertising, various optimization techniques article that AdSense advertising, I spent a few minutes to carefully browse the article, find that in fact there are many owners to use Adsense advertising techniques, and of these skills there is no concept, so that the click rate and the price is very low.

so I quickly put on the placement of the AdSense ad, background color, border color, font color, etc. to make adjustments, so that AdSense advertising does not look like advertising, so that it and the perfect integration of content. After this change, as expected, a number of effects, click rate has increased, the income also increased slightly. But there are still some distance from their own requirements.

so I keep thinking about the reasons for feeling so low price how? If the price increase, income may increase greatly, so I will search on the Internet to increase the price. Through unremitting efforts, I finally found a way, is through AdSense’s "competitive advertising filter" put some cheap advertising masked, but what advertising is cheap? Because I to judge low-cost advertising too difficult.

so I went to the Internet to search and found a list of foreign low-cost advertising, but there is no domestic, let me very depressed.

last week, I was found a webmaster QQ group chat, Q Youfa a web site, AdSense is to provide low-cost advertising list (address:, I hasten to point to open to see, found that there are a lot of providing web site, but the site is cheap advertising. I have? Not sure, and then they contact the webmaster, talked about these sites is how to, how to determine the price of advertising and other issues. It turned out that these URLs are by the webmaster >

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