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your company has its own website? If customers have been asking the website of your company? But if your web site on your business did not play a good effect to do? What is doing something wrong? Do you really need to do what your website to get up on business


make sure your site design looks professional

personally look at how your site is built, or ask your friends, let them look at your site, and politely tell you how he feels. Does this website design look professional? How is the picture quality above, clear enough? Do you have a font, font size, color, or what’s wrong with your website design:

1) product photos are too small to squeeze, or beyond the conventional proportion, resulting in product deformation;

there are too many embellishment on the page will make people feel upset, such as jumping, swimming, roll up the symbol, etc.;

3) there are too many different styles in the same plate;

4) background color is too deep or too dazzling, so that people do not want to see it;

5) background is not commensurate with the site or article;

6) the content of the article does not conform to the overall tone;

don’t use your company’s name as the site’s name

each web site will have a different name. This appears in the name of the site can represent many of your factors. You may be thinking of naming a website with the company’s name, or at least using the name of your company as the beginning of the site. After all, it’s nice to see your company’s name flashing at the cursor, even if it’s just lying on the net.

don’t let your home page become an animated show

on the network using animation technology will make your presentation more lively, more easily accepted. Designers would like to use this technology, because it can show their superb technology, without words to explain what, you can make the site full of content. The company’s managers will also think that this will make their website look attractive and will highlight their business. However, the animation of the demo will make your web page in the download process is very slow and slow.

make sure that your product has enough information to explain

don’t let anyone browsing your site, let them all become your customers, you have to prepare enough information for your product, so that people who buy your product feel safe. If you sell the software, you need to explain what kind of platform the software needs, its compatibility with other products, its system requirements, etc..

you can imagine, when you buy a box of milk in the supermarket, but can not find the cash register in which >

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