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Skyfa can use the information you provide for you to create a new Google AdSense account, or associated with your Google AdSense account to Skyfa.

it allows us to display ads in the context of ensuring your earnings. This procedure is simple and important. AdSense is the main means to get your income on Skyfa. When you publish the page to generate revenue, Google and will allocate your income, you can get you in the net income of 80% days, will receive the remaining 20%.

you already have the Google AdSense account associated with us (email address). If you want to connect to another account, your current Google AdSense account associated with Skyfa will be replaced.

to create a new Google AdSense account

Google (Google) will send an email to you in order to build your Google AdSense account and need a little more information about you. AdSense allows Google to place ads that match your content, and your readers will only see ads that are interesting and useful to them, and they will thank you for it. It is very easy to do, because this is all we all do for you; we will use the code for you to connect to their advertising, you need to do is to create the most attractive content.

you see these words will ask what is this thing. This is Skyfa, he and Google AdSense account seamlessly, if you already have a Google AdSense account, you can directly bind to Skyfa, if you don’t have a Google AdSense account, you can apply directly from the Skyfa network. Such a great convenience to meet the needs of the webmaster.

Once you are in the

online success for Tianfeng binding or Google Adsense account, all content will be displayed next to your Google advertising your own creation, with the increase of your creative content, your income will be like a snowball, snowball. Even if you are sleeping, leisure and entertainment, the income is increasing.

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