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site name: Amoy Monternet

revision line: 2012.6.18

product type: Micro film congregation raised platform

financing: financing

is a vertical type scouring Monternet platform to raise public attention to raise all the way through to help independent filmmakers get film funds needed. The main business includes four aspects of Amoy Monternet film factory, Film Festival, sharing and competition activities.

"movie factory" is the main page of Amoy Monternet, independent film team can publish their own projects, and indicate the necessary funds and investors can get in return, interested users can according to their willingness to provide sponsorship amount. Film sharing is more like a display platform, where users can share their favorite micro movies or original works, and comments. The group functions are also being developed, I hope through the Amoy Monternet group to attract more users to initiate the topic of participation.

in one of the founders of the king of Wenshui, Amoy Monternet users are divided into independent film team, investors and audience three types, these three types of users can get the corresponding return through the Amoy Monternet, "we are committed to raise all the way through to independent filmmakers opportunity to show his shooting plan, seek love micro the audience of the film and investment. At the same time, supporters (audience and investors) can also get a variety of returns. The audience can participate in the making of the movie, investors and advertisers can invest through Amoy Monternet, advertising etc.."

According to Wang Wenshui

, currently scouring Monternet on line 30 independent film, micro film project, successfully raised 69780 yuan of funds; to establish cooperative relations with 50 pieces of micro film team, a total of 578 outstanding micro film (from the original or share) and the establishment of; and domestic important film festivals and competitions cooperation area.

in addition, as the congregation raised platform, Amoy Monternet are not limited to the line, also held two joint activities under the line, and open day activities in the upcoming Amoy Monternet, will involve a micro movie premiere, team display, project cooperation and investment contract etc..


as an early Amoy Monternet platform to raise the public one of the first micro film did not choose this vertical platform, but their positioning in the "Creative Dream online sharing platform, creative project financing. Turning to the reasons for the transition, Wang Wenshui said, after a period of operation, they found that the basis of all the chips in a vertical area will be more likely to create a brand, to find the target user and guard against the risk of the project.

and the choice of micro film is the most important point, because compared to other vertical areas, micro film is more popular nowadays, fitness

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