Taobao Union rules explain how to settle the income of Ali’s mother

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most of the country for the application of the account is very loose, which is in the primary stage of the Internet in China, most of the foreign advertising alliance audit are very strict. Taobao union application and registration, fill in the basic information can be completed simple. A need to pay attention to the situation is that Ali is currently the mother can not modify the account registered mailbox. If you want to use another mailbox as a login mailbox, please use the mailbox to re register. Any alliance to modify the payment account is a troublesome thing, to provide a lot of documents, but also a long cycle, so fill in the account to be cautious.

when you do any advertising alliance to spend time to interpret the alliance’s help, the alliance policy for the purchase of traffic and promote the type of advertising to help. There is an old saying modaobuwukanchaigong.

Taobao alliance is only recently changed the name, originally called Ali mother, because it is necessary to comply with the big Alibaba Taobao strategy. Taobao alliance’s purpose: website owners and advertisers can benefit from Ali mother platform. Advertisers can get a lot of target traffic, the site owners can get more revenue.

rules to be followed by Ali’s services. The principle of legality, whether it is website owners and advertisers must strictly abide by the provisions, contain illegal content or links to these contents, Ali mother has the right to immediately terminate the cooperation in the case without notice. The principle of good site experience, the site does not affect the user experience of the principle, to maximize the maximum revenue to ensure that the site owner to maximize the effectiveness of advertisers to ensure effective promotion. Relevance principle, advertising content and website theme related, so as to ensure that the site owners and advertisers win.

Ali mother’s punishment for cheating sites, Ali mother has its own anti cheating system, according to the level of cheating on the site will be punished accordingly. General punishment, prohibit CPC privileges and freeze the income of the month. Severe punishment, the termination of cooperation with Ali mother all product advertising. If your website has a real flow, click CPC effect is only 1%, this time you can use the software to click on the number 5%, this is not a problem, and advertising can not judge you is cheating, so ensure Wangzhuan owners income.

Ali mother for the website of cheating is not yigunzidasi policy, log on to my mom, click on your main section, there are entrance advertising overview below. You should apply for the cancellation of the page to explain the following, the reasons for the application of punishment; when did you delete the contents of the site cheating.

Ali mother settlement rules, a long-time billing income is advertising after 48 hours, if the parties have no objection, that will be settled to the income account; other types of income, we will be in the relevant income each month for 15 days last month settlement month. For example: February 15th will be settled in the income from January 1st to January 31st. Ali mother’s cookie save time >

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