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most company founders nature for fear of losing control of the company, no ground for blame since insecurity, around entrepreneurs, insecurity about the future is one of the main factors of their success. In particular, the more successful the founding boss will be more and more inexplicable concern.

founder of the company’s control has two major errors. 1. I always think I love this company better than anyone else in the company. 2. To control the company’s decision only by controlling shares.

in fact, these two errors will greatly hinder the development and growth of your company. Unless you just want to do a small family business, you may be able to do long-term control. If you want to do business, stronger, bigger, evergreen public listed companies, these two ideas are deadly obstacles.

The development of the

company basically relies on the introduction of talent, especially talent than their own, which requires the establishment of sharing all kinds of talents to build a cultural value system, but also need to introduce various types of investors, and diluted shares is as unalterable principles. Business leaders should control their own company on courage, wisdom, commitment, leadership and fair and transparent management. Shares under the control of the employee are minions, it is difficult to maintain the long-term development of the company.

The founder of

, will be confused, will grow old, die, there will be various unexpected accidents, as also the founder and founder examples also meet the eye everywhere. Stubborn, arrogant, persist in wilfully and arbitrarily is the founder of a common problem. Trust is the reason for their success, but too much faith and overconfidence are the main reasons for their failure.

so keep evergreen is one very important measure of the early establishment of a successor system. Founder to find and train successors in the time like this in the full vigour of life, children, when you need the best body rather than the old and frail. When you are old and weak, it is very different to cultivate your successor.

, of course, only one or a few successors must not be able to do, the need to establish a system and cultural security system. Because no one is perfect, it is impossible to have a system that is able to solve all the problems, so people, systems, cultural mechanisms are likely to cooperate with the company’s long-term.

really protect the interests of founders is not absolute control, but not feel good "supreme authority", but a number of you careful recruitment and training of reliable people, a culture of healthy and positive open and transparent and effective mechanism, the three combined basis possible.

, founder of the cultural system, and personnel must prevent the future leaders of the company to become the capital of the agent, only about the process manager, and even he minions. Future leaders must make decisions based on the company’s mindset. So, create >

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