E commerce offers personalized demand signs

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When the network is more and more popular, the pace of the spring is getting near, so as to e-commerce, e-commerce website from more and more successful financing can peep one spot and see the whole picture. But relative to the previous electronic commerce, now the market has not been so general and simple, market segments, seeking individual needs more stable, big to small, small things, e-commerce enterprises have begun to know how to use the spark to prairie fire.

of online consumers, brand trust is their focus on at the same time the price competitiveness of an important reference, online consumers have some users like Anthony gold. For them, although the price is the most important factor, but the price is not the most important relative to the brand value. In fact, they pay more attention to speed and convenience. They wait for a page to upload and display speed, they need a powerful web site. For this type of consumer, speed, functionality and convenience of the three factors is almost more than the price factor is more than 3 times. Convenience is more important than brand reputation or product selection.

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