Taobao guest as long as you insist on the easy to do a monthly income of 6 thousand

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if you complain about why their Tao did not make any money, or why earn only dozens or even a few pieces of Taobao? Where customers do not understand


please ask yourself your own heart? Is not only for a guest, then go online without any meaning everywhere post, that it can earn money, tell you anything quite so simple.

up to now, nearly 500 thousand guest army from the network to make money. Before the competition the Tao do not many people, their daily work is very simple, just post, leave a message, good words thousand is not a problem. So more and more people enter Amoy, Amoy some feel some problems, just post a is too tired, the two is the turnover probability is too small. Here I only introduce myself how to do now 6K income. Not nonsense, thought 6K to those who do good people feel very little. So master over estimate……………

first month: I only made a single page. And then began to Baidu know, and post. Post Bar later found too tired, and so many are basically useless, remember that the first month turnover of only 1 single, more than and 50 Commission, found not tired, really want to give up. Then endure it the.

second months: now began to wonder women on what topic, what they are most interested in. So that before the abolition of single page website. Built a corresponding blog inside full of people interested in the topic, do feel like half a month is not wrong, the daily IP nearly 500IP, remember that the income in 80-100/ days between the two. The feeling is not very stable, and it is difficult to continue to develop. So he abolished the blog.

(audience: next is the climax of this article)

third months: considering the issue of long-term development, make up your mind to do a website, I was here I would like to mention the website "I have a lot of network". The construction phase across, directly in the theme promotion:


1.. Is the first step I plus 200 QQ group, pay close attention to daily topics of interest, then we will be interested in the topic up (just soft article, no product promotion advertising), released on its website, did not think the effect is really very good, everyone began to slowly accept my article. Of course, the site also began to slowly recognized by them. Now I initially estimated that only from this place to the IP every day is 1000+IP (only the flow of large volume may be increased).

remember one day in April revenue reached about 400, I also specially shot retained their victories, ha ha.


2 is an effective way to promote the promotion of the Forum: an active platform, with the money can not be ignored second

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