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editor’s note: This article by IT training website in China north network operations director Kang Xiaofei (Tencent micro-blog feeds).

since 2012, online education has become a hot topic in the Internet industry, a lot of online education is the electricity supplier "," online education will view the development of blowout and continue to emerge, such as Xu Xiaoping proposed: 2013 or later years, may burst out a change of learning habits of people. Online learning is like shopping online so popular. But from the author of more than 5 years of online education industry operating experience, the industry talk about explosive growth is too early.

C2C platform from the perspective of online education:

during 2012, domestic online education platform C2C increasing, but throughout the industry, there is not a real improvement in the company, early industry has called a "sky" website, known as the "global knowledge trading platform" C2C online education company, but over the years, the on the education industry’s influence is very small. The main reasons are as follows:


1, the domestic education industry using UGC mode, user generated content, lead content quality gap is too big, take the IT education, one company (the company to disclose) by using the UGC model, 6 years down, the real record by the users, and about the complete the course is more than and 20. And the domestic education industry in the use of UGC mode of the company is very small, it seems that we are avoiding this model. This fully shows that the UGC model is not suitable for the field of education. The reasons for their personal view: because the education industry is different from the entertainment industry, the former on the content of the production, more stringent requirements, more professional, more complex, which requires a high user. This produced an entertaining short video on Youku, its difficulty completely cannot be mention in the same breath. It is difficult to produce high quality content on a large scale. Not only the production of content, including auditing, and even the audience, there are certain professional requirements, which greatly enhance the scale of the difficulty, which is fatal to the C2C site.

2, users pay a low proportion, which is the most fundamental factor in the profitability of a website. Many online education website up to charges, no real pay the core group, the core of paying users need to rely on the website to develop, but not get free, then the collocation of point charges over the last few weeks, concerns over a C2C online education website, free time, sporadic some users enrolled, but once the course fees, even if only 10 yuan, the number of applicants is zero. This fully shows that the website has yet to cultivate the core user group. In fact, the user never trust to trust, the need for a process, how can we spend this process, and has been using

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