Do not know how to achieve the technology of how to earn eight thousand monthly

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with the rapid development of Internet technology, the number of Internet users has become Chinese geometric increase in the number of online shopping, more and more people, also spawned a variety of shopping sites, do Wangzhuan more people to more, of course there are a lot of bluff Wangzhuan order mixed beads, say what the day to earn Liangbaisanbai pull off the assembly line and make what percentage, you also want to open their eyes to identify these scams, not deceived, then, according to my own experience to do Wangzhuan two years to write this article, and I hope to do not understand technology and want to make industry into the net friends some help.

often in a few Adsense online to see questions that do not understand technology can not rely on Wangzhuan money according to my experience, it is a must. For I know do Wangzhuan good friends are not majors in college, I had to do Wangzhuan computer programming can be said that we are not afraid of a joke absolutely ignorant of, at that time, even a simple HTML code cannot read, not to mention the complicated PHP code. After two years of training and learning, and now the general web site code I can basically understand the general small modifications or no problem.

I entered Wangzhuan industry in 2008, it is a foreign enterprise in Xiamen to work for more free time in the evening, I bought several program love polymerization learn to do several garbage station, applied for a Google union account, I began to make the road network. What time did not experience, but do not know what to do website optimization, website traffic for half a year or between dozens of IP levels, advertising revenue is not enough space and the cost of the domain name, and adhere to a few months, see the website traffic is not what improvement, I took several garbage stations were shut down, finally the program fee didn’t make it back.

in 2009, when the company wants to move to Shanghai, I do not want to go to work in Shanghai, on the resignation of the resignation of the company. After coming out temporarily did not find a new job, I also gave birth to the idea of a website to make money. This time I learned the last lesson do not refuse, and decided to do a website to make money. I did not see the network dubbing site is relatively small, coupled with the industry is to provide services through the network, unlike the kind of transaction so trouble. After several days of consideration and consideration, I decided to do a special voice network.

site, began recruiting. I went to the Baidu Post Bar dubbing it made a number of recruitment dubbing division of the post, send a good post half an hour I was contacted. I asked them to send me the sample voice audition, object selected from several satisfactory voice division as a long-term cooperation. After the receipt of the customer’s business, I first sent the manuscript to the customer to the dubbing division to record the sound of the sample, the customer satisfaction after payment to me, I will notify the voice of the division began recording. The entire process is transmitted through the network, a business can be completed within two hours. The payment is by Alipay or online banking transfers directly to my own account, unlike Taobao, even after the middle ring.

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