14 of the worst user experience of the site

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1 long page download time

if the page download time more than 30 seconds, it is difficult to have the user will love your website.

The use of flash and

3. Web page is too long

Now Chinese

there are such people. And a large number.

in a website home page, visual fatigue can see only the third screen content below 10% a long web site is easy to cause the visitor, not to mention most of the visitors are likely to have been before

4 friendly navigation.

friendly navigation is the influence of user operations, can not make easy to use to find their own record of content to a page. Users do not know how to return to the previous page, do not know the current page in which column. This website is likely to users to a will not come again.

5 outdated information

6 dead connection or connection error.

7 isolated pages.

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