U S officials said they are studying whether the world trade review of China’s Google

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global network news, according to Hongkong, Ming Pao website 10, Reuters reported that the U.S. trade representative Kirk said that Washington is studying whether to the World Trade Organization (WTO) complaint China network review of Google and other U.S. companies.

also said that Kirk also said that to solve the problem more quickly, or direct talks with Beijing. The United States is trying to resolve the dispute through bilateral channels, such as the China US Joint Commission on commerce and trade. Kirk said it will spend two or three even more than four years, more appropriate in the legal battle.

in fact, on the U.S. government to consider the "Google incident" appeal to the WTO (WTO) as early as a few days ago the news came out.

Vice president and Secretary General Zheng Zhihai 9 in the global network the author said

China of the world trade organization, relevant non-governmental organizations and Google Corporation that network management measures for the implementation of China Google Corporation violates the China WTO commitments, these accusations are unfounded, Chinese to Google in accordance with the laws of the implementation of the management measures in line with China the promise of WTO.

Zheng Zhihai said that this is not a question of China’s market access and national treatment commitment to Google, but the power of our country to manage the Internet according to law, specifically refers to the network content review.

Zheng Zhihai believes that the network belongs to each member of the WTO review management rights. According to the WTO rules, member states have the right to supervise in accordance with the law, including the review of Internet content. If the use of WTO trade rules to challenge China’s management of the Internet, it is clear that the wrong direction, but also untenable.

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