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CPS is the abbreviation of the English cost per sale, in accordance with the literal meaning is to understand the amount of sales in accordance with the Commission to get their own, it is now more popular e-commerce marketing model.

is currently the larger e-commerce website basically built the CPS alliance, such as Jingdong, where customers, Dangdang, excellence, dream bazaar etc.. The basic operation mode is user register in the alliance, the choice of goods code, and linked to their website or blog, users click and buy it, will be settled with the Union in a certain period of time.

as a CPS engaged in advertising for nearly 5 years of personal part-time webmaster, although the monthly income is not much, but basically stable at 2000 – 3000, with a monthly income of over 10000 CPS many webmaster certainly can not be compared, but in how to carry out CPS advertising or a novice, some of their own experiences, may to share with you.

first: understand your own resources

understands that the resources they own are simple, but it’s really hard to do. Basically every webmaster has more than 2 sites, even more than 10. All you have to do is analyze your website.

what is your website or blog or even micro-blog


who is the audience? How many? Age? How about purchasing power?

do these people regularly visit your website? If you want to find out why they are returning, this is the advantage of the site. If not, it is necessary to summarize.

through the analysis of their own resources, you need to understand at least a few points, who is the audience, what the audience needs, they may accept what kind of advertising. Think about what they really need with an average Internet user.

second: the best advertising is content

when you understand your own resources, you should have targeted advertising. The best advertising is the content, when the audience to the site’s advertising as they need to read the content, you have basically half of the success.

, for example, I have done a female ovulation ovulation calculation of the site is very simple, from the Internet to download a small tool to build a simple page can be completed. In Baidu keyword ranking will not be very high, at the beginning of the basic in third pages or so, every day about more than and 100 IP.

my web page is very simple, basically no hard wide, but not what the pop. Updated every day to keep a few articles, mainly talking about women’s beauty, maintenance, skin care, makeup and other articles. Of course, these articles are basically copied, but I will make some changes, the subject is to be changed.

later, I found that the amount of PV website has improved a lot, but also IP

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