Taobao passenger imperfections to worry about the webmaster

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when the station released when Ali Mama advertising on the site, if there is no one to buy advertising, or not display click on ads, by default, is that Taobao customer advertising, this can be said to be one of his strengths. Because he shows the Taobao guest connection, are with your mother Ali PID, there are users by clicking on the ad, into the purchase of things, you can actually be divided into.

but he’s also a weakness. In my station, most of the visitors are dominated by men, so I add the text Taobao passenger connections are mainly to men, good income, a day is good, also down a few money.

so I moved my mind, the mother of Ali’s default display settings.


modified for Taobao passenger show men – t shirt, so save later, it should be in force, the mother of Ali Taobao car should be displayed automatically Taobao passenger advertising.

unfortunately, over the past few days, I have seen has shown is Ali mother hot women supplies Taobao advertising, it seems that this is really a chicken ribs mom, I have suggestions for the official, hope they fix as soon as possible. The following is a reply to customer service mail screenshot.


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