dentify the giant blind nternet grassroots entrepreneurs play counter attack

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Li Jingying

Suzhou yuan Wo Holdings Limited Executive Vice President Fei Jianjiang has been concerned about the investment opportunities in the field of TMT, in contact with the mobile internet project, he would often ask entrepreneurs the same question, "if (BAT, Ali, the three giants) do the same business with you, what would you do?"

Fei Jianjiang told the first financial daily, usually entrepreneurs will tell him how high the technical threshold of the project, the degree of familiarity with the industry, in order to take advantage of their own business.

but Fei Jianjiang bluntly: the power of the Internet giants in the field of BAT is indeed huge, in this type of monopoly industry, small businesses want to grow, the opportunity is not particularly large." In his opinion, if the Internet start-ups are compared to small seedlings, growth in the woods is shrouded in giant environment will be affected, such as light reception time will be much less, but also face or be annexed or not survive the difficulties.

with the same Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund CEO Long Yu think, whether the Internet is now known as BAT or "Warring States" (Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, Shanda) pattern, these big companies on the market has played a decisive role in the tone. Venture to consider the issue of risk and return, if you want to completely counter the direction of development of these giants, made some revolutionary enterprise, the risk is bound to bear the huge." Long Yu told reporters, "on the contrary, the field of Internet start-ups should be in this gezonglianheng strategy to think clearly what should play what role."

identify the giant blind spot

held in the days before the fall of 2013 Chinese innovation activities, Ali capital managing director Zhang Hongping said, now Ali investment is more on some additional Ali existing operations, such as wireless Internet, SNS can affect the industrial field.

according to the disclosed information is not difficult to find, the first half of this year, domestic M & a good trend, especially a big acquisition of the Internet industry more than usual, including a $586 million stake in the Alibaba Sina micro-blog UCweb, while capital into the largest shareholder; Zhejiang newspaper media 3 billion 490 million yuan acquisition of network winger and gallant; Baidu $370 million acquisition of PPS, $1 billion 900 million swallow 91 wireless……

Alibaba and Baidu frequently shot, so that the Internet and mobile Internet industry is concerned, but also to those who are still walking on the road to the development of grassroots entrepreneurs pour a cold air.

Cao Yi, vice president of Sequoia Capital China Fund found that the Internet industry giants for those who have a good idea, a good idea of the industry began to change the attitude of start-ups. "In the past, they tend to be direct copy copy these ideas to yourself, but now more.

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