Several popular Taobao guest program evaluation

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January 12, 2009, officially changed its name to Taobao customers the largest network marketing platform "Amoy promotion platform", means that the implementation of the strategy of Taobao, the further integration of the original guest promotion platform and Taobao trading platform to complete the


Taobao off the fire, and a variety of Taobao customer programs have sprung up, fees, free of charge, a key to modify the PID, API interface, and so on a variety of programs in the network out of the group. Those clamoring for free, earn thousands of dollars often have a backdoor Trojan program. A key to modify the PID is often a trap, the API interface provides free programs are often linked to Taobao’s database, and so on a variety of issues will come. Of course, there are a few procedures that are really good, it is worth the adoption of webmaster. The following recommendations of the three procedures each have their own advantages, suitable for different levels of webmaster use, I believe that many webmasters have used these three procedures in a.

in line with the principles of fairness and justice, Ding Tao to give you a comment on these three most popular Taobao guest program.

first: Yes wind shopping navigation program

believe that often download the source code Admin5 friends are aware of this program, is currently ranked first in the same source A5. This program is divided into free and charge version. The program is simple, very easy to use, but also have a number of other guest systems do not have, can be said that this system with numerous Taobao guest webmaster efforts, master is a Taobao customer system, especially for the novice webmaster. Premium version of the upgrade support, all advertising open. And has a number of free version does not feature. On behalf of the site (a local shopping navigation platform): Lvliang shopping guide network

second: Amoy East

this program really, completely free. The network is currently being sold in one of the most serious program, although the webmaster horse king repeatedly stated the program for free, please charge shopping program webmaster to rights, but major websites including Taobao, there are still people in the sale of the program, this program is visible charm.

The biggest advantage of

Amoy is the background has a very flexible custom module function. Even if you do not understand the code of the new owners can build a beautiful and versatile in a short time. But Wang long in the forum webmaster horse to the new duty station to solve all kinds of problems, and continuously introduce various patches, now at version 2.1. Ma webmaster has become the next map of China’s webmaster circles. On behalf of the website (Shh, quietly revealed that the webmaster is the original dream of a high-rise stationmaster net): Ding Dingtao shopping navigation network

third: Dede and Ali mother’s cooperation program.

Dedecms do not know, then you do not have to look down. Have to admit that this program came out to be late, but there are Dede official and Ali mother and host several major giants such as backing

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