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Google AdSense has been for 10 months, recently filed for Baidu web promotion was adopted, combined with their own independent blog on the situation of the two major advertising effectiveness about personal views.

Google AdSense ads match better

is Baidu GG AD web promotion, advertising, more powerful. Although all the contents of advertisements, but in the actual process of delivery, can easily find Google AdSense generally can be matched to the correlation with the content of the advertisement, the occasional irrelevant situation, but also in a reasonable range, but Baidu web promotion really flattered. I like the independent blog was the main concern is the Internet and news commentary, Baidu, are hospitals, industrial equipment and construction machinery of the advertisement, feel a little technical content. Even in many cases, I found that the hospital has been put on a reproduction of the picture ads, but occasionally change color, people look very uncomfortable. I think, if such ads often appear in such a more orthodox blog, where there is what "user experience"? Don’t take visitors away even if Amitabha Luo, which dare to expect them to click to give me 10 Fen income? This with Google immeasurably.


web promotion hit rate is very low

the same article, basically all visitors from the search, roughly the same ad, but the effect is very different. Google AdSense although the income is not much, click on price is very low, but every day to a few cents, since Baidu union launch, even a hit has not happened, really a bit depressed. I think this with Baidu’s random supply related to the maximum possible, is Baidu advertisers industry characteristics is very strong, generally is the traditional business enterprise, GG and AD advertisers are relatively rich, covering almost all the traditional industry economy and new economy, the nature in the match ads is a much better time I think, if Baidu has been so down, so he’s basically the advertising network alliance promotion is not suitable for independent blog launched.

in addition, Baidu’s new business cooperation I have not tried, mainly to consider what products I do not like to promote, do not want to provoke trouble.

overall, for the domestic small webmaster, advertising alliance may present the best Google or AdSense, although the price is low, but if your web traffic is large enough, should be mixed several keep standing a little money or no problem.

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