Online education in China still only belong to the school tyrants will not be favored by learning sl

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editor’s note the author micro-blog @ST_ to work harder, online education practitioners, once the school tyrants. This paper points out that his eyes Chinese online education bottleneck because cancer of traditional education, students motives, Curve Wrecker is still the main audience. Welcome to your opinion.

In recent years

MOOC (MOOC) and development of online education and training is very rapid, many platforms like bamboo shoots after a spring rain well-known websites emerge in general, including foreign Udacity, Cousera and edX, the domestic Bay networks, micro lesson nets, prospects for development can not be ignored. Many industry insiders believe that there is no leader in online education platform, will become the next growth point of the Internet and the focus of competition.

online education has many advantages are very attractive, such as elite teachers, free lectures, high-quality content, different learning experience. Its biggest bright spot is that the limited teaching resources allocated to unlimited demand. Anant, founder of edX, said, "our goal is to provide as many people as possible and to improve the quality of life of all human beings as well as to improve the quality of life for all the people of the world."." Such a vision full of idealism, so many people are not able to do with the dream of a dream of the heart.

however, back to reality, not everyone is so excited, to insist on the completion of these courses? Whether or not love learning "dumbass" who also fell in love with the class, in the virtual classroom before you


obviously not. Since that "half Curve Wrecker" the last open Netease Open Class is around half a year before; and more young people, because of their studies or work pressure and careless of all the famous university quality open course, not to mention access to other online learning website.


this is not the fault of online education. The author believes that these sites do well enough. But part of the learning is not the subjective motivation of learning slag user subjective unwilling to accept, it is difficult to change in the short term.

, after all, spontaneous learning motivation is irreplaceable. Online education, after all, is just an auxiliary tool, can not replace the desire of people to help themselves to learn, but also can not force students to open the site to listen to lectures. As in recent years, To-do class of mobile phone applications emerge in endlessly, but even if such a wide variety of application functions, but can not replace the user itself to make things done To-do. It will always be the role of an assistant, and in the information age, people’s will is as important as it was in the past.

in China, a lot of people learning motivation is the "impure"

and in China, many people learning motivation is the "impure", many people go to college just to get a diploma.

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