Why small businesses to escape WeChat public platform

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is currently the most popular sentence is called: micro-blog missed, WeChat missed, hand Q public platform, you want to miss it?

Why did

say as we start it, come on, I’ll give you something you missed the Internet count: eBay missing people, open in the later Taobao platform skill, Taobao missed, in the later pat and ah, the Jingdong to show its mettle, miss the blog platform people show later in the personal blog, personal blog skill, miss the people, show in the later micro-blog in skill, micro-blog missed, for from the media from the media to show its mettle, missing people, ready to show in the WeChat circle of friends in the skill, but also to the public (subscription number, WeChat platform service number) in mettle.

with these platforms, some decline, some closed, some still do fast, why this today to say why small businesses from WeChat public platform? Because this platform is not suitable for you or that you don’t do, why not suitable, can refer to nnoitora net last year wrote an article: WeChat really suitable for each industry marketing? There are answers.


one, do these platforms have what people

1, network push hands:

this kind of people are often the first to enter the platform in each person, including the previous individual webmaster, from the media, bloggers and so on, their sources of information, have rich experience, other platform operation with the fast accumulation first name resources, with early domain names registered by the same reason, this kind of person is registered, the accumulation of fans, reselling account for living, have the ability, is proprietary account, connected businesses advertising to make money.

2, media and film star:

this kind of person itself both from a personal blog, or micro-blog, or WeChat, no matter what platform, their loyal fans will always follow them, they only need to enhance their image and increase their influence can, without relying on what these advertising and so on to make money.

3, well-known media organizations:

this is not much to say, nothing more than to increase their influence.

4, hand piece and writer:

this kind of push hand with the network, relying on the accumulation of fans of the content, self account platform, then make money advertising businesses.

4, merchant:

large businesses due to have certain capital strength and control of these departments, so, as long as it is a good platform, large businesses have settled in priority right, and easily, easily get some fans resources, these businesses do influence and accumulation for their own brand, there is enough the time, sufficient resources and enough patience, enough manpower to do these things.


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