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No matter how people eat melon

black Zhao Wei, she certainly is no longer the flag event because "every day is a nightmare" to "swallow", and "you can have in you envy me to me helpless" quickly turned into a "money winner", now the highest paid female entertainment she is none other than non star.

in December last year, Zhao Wei was reported to be 3 billion A shares of listed companies holding thousands of cultural news, we are not from this big shock in Huanguo God, January 11th vanguard culture’s announcement shows that Zhao Wei and her husband Huang Youlong worth up to 5 billion 663 million yuan, and holds a number of listed company shares.


sleight of hand: 5 billion 600 million out of 60 million net worth of leveraging the assets of the 3 billion

this is the vanguard culture for the Shanghai stock exchange after the inquiry letter to reply. According to the announcement, Zhao Wei and her husband Huang Youlong name has baby holding, equity holdings, Shun long Ali pictures, Yunfeng finance, Tak television and a number of listed companies, the stock market value of about 4 billion 522 million yuan; two under the name of real estate also holds a value of about 666 million yuan, other equity investment value of about 318 million yuan; a number of business the business of film, wine trade, 4S stores, total assets amounted to approximately 157 million yuan. The total value of the underlying assets of about 5 billion 663 million yuan, in 2016 the cash flow of investment recovery of about HK $1 billion 256 million.


(Zhao Wei related assets map, data from the eye check)

people are wondering why Zhao Wei couple will take the initiative to disclose their assets in the acquisition, which will have to mention the acquisition of the real side of the media and the source of the acquisition of long wei.

business information, Long Wei media was founded in November 2, 2016, of which 95% stake in Zhao Wei, the actual controller, the registered capital of $2 million. After the establishment of less than two months, in December 23rd, the majority of shareholders on behalf of the culture and Long Wei media signed a share transfer agreement, will hold about $29.13% of its shares to the price of $3 billion 60 million transferred to the latter. Have to suspect that the company is set up for the reorganization of the shell company. Although the announcement denied Long Wei media is designed for the acquisition of the establishment, but Zhao Wei is a huge gap between the Long Wei media 2 million yuan of registered capital and the acquisition of the necessary funds up to 3 billion 60 million yuan between the need to explain.

actually, although Long Wei couple is not short of money, but it is not they sell 3 billion 60 million yuan Ali pictures and other high quality assets to. According to the announcement of the ten thousand culture, these 3 billion 60 million are borrowed!

the loan is divided into 3 parts:

The first part of the

was 60 million for Zhao Wei himself, without interest, which was officially traded on December 26, 2016

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