The face of entrepreneurial wave three reflection bubble a 90 continuous entrepreneurial failure

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90 students entrepreneurs in Chinese encountered with many times today’s fickle entrepreneurial environment. After a failed business comeback a few who are unwilling to remain out of the limelight, resulting in the formation of such a word: Serial Entrepreneur (failure).

really can have self-knowledge after the failure of the venture, choose not to start a business, join the big company, sink down to reflect on the self of the young people today, but has become a valuable scarce.

Luo forest, 94 years old, student of Heilongjiang Academy of Engineering computer science major. Late last contact with him was in July, when he was still doing a named "hire love" after 90 love APP, but he has to give up the difficult, almost edge connections are often without hearing a word about.

he was envious of Yu Jiawen, hope to be like "adorable face" Guo do a "phenomenal" products, get millions of investment, to achieve "overnight". Until last weekend, he told the author that he has to enter the identity of a product Intern Baidu Post Bar division, he hopes to settle down, to enhance their own……

The story of

Luo Yonglin, is probably the most simple entrepreneurial story of the so-called "mass innovation, the entrepreneurial" Chinese on the earth, the logic and lessons may be worth all night with dream of college students to deep reflection.

lofty, a term of three consecutive defeat

Luo Yonglin is considered a "bones of entrepreneurs". When I asked what is the bones of entrepreneurs ", full of pride he still seems to be some prevarication.

think again and again, Luo Yonglin told the author, as early as in high school, he decided to start a business. This determination is not from "mass innovation, the entrepreneurial" appeal, but the high school exam oriented education every rhythm of oppression. Perhaps, "entrepreneurship" two words can bring the "traitor" label to him, let him fight for the exam oriented education.

anyway, Luo Yonglin entered the university campus ushered in their entrepreneurial career. Freshman began to do business, but the first semester has failed to do 3 projects, namely to borrow money stocks, Taobao shop, hardware invention. Looking back at those projects, Luo Yonglin used a very pull the four words to describe.

but it is these very pull the project, for him to find a partner who has been accompanied by their own, but also to the university life left a precious memory. After experiencing the failure of the N project, the Luo Yonglin team at the end of last year, planning to hire love this campus dating dating applications.

died, March just trapped

this venture, whether it is from the scope of the impact of the complexity of the point of view, have reached the peak of the Luo Yonglin team challenge.

Luo Yonglin team last year to make a love to hire the website version, and participated in the IDG organized by the campus

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