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a lot of people think this is a must, and with the Shanghai dragon civilians, that is to update the chain and content, determine the ranking of the most core. The other one is to improve the overall quality of Internet users, more and more inclined to trust in the brand, and a small company called on.

in their ranking rose from 99 to 9. But the fact is, in most cases, the top 99 and 9 ranking in the breakdown of the industry, there is no difference between the basic flow. Although do not believe, but from the optimization effect, it is true, Sogou share is equivalent to love Shanghai 1/10, a Shanghai love index of 150 words, in a month, did not give the Sogou search results first website brings a flow. After numerous data sampling analysis, found that the problem is love love Shanghai Shanghai index, index of more than 100 words, no one is likely to be a search word, but Internet search and combinations of a word, such as "fresh cabinet", with the search for any word phrases will be give the word to love Shanghai index, but for the optimization is a difficult problem.

? The first problem encountered is now

has recently been in the operation of website optimization, more and more feel more and more confused Shanghai Longfeng people.

a lot of people on the answer to this question is wavering answer, do you think you have what advantage of operating state in you so simple, with some advantage ahead of the competition, if not ahead of the competition, you do rankings, where is the meaning? You know in some segments of the industry in the field of in fact, the flow of every day than you think you do a lot less, in this very small flow range, your opponent, and occupy the top, you think you can get traffic and


in a broad sense, if we optimize keywords is not of benefit in a certain time range, our operation is the failure of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng company, now in the increasingly fierce competition environment, only love can guarantee Shanghai home, and Shanghai dragon company to ensure that some keywords ranking, but there is no guarantee that those keywords benefit, which will eventually defeat the Shanghai dragon of the psychological bottom line. For now the traffic sources are more difficult to obtain under the condition of Shanghai dragon also seem to have become a core flow region. The site in Shanghai Longfeng strategy under the current situation, can effectively improve the rankings, but let us more and more unable to face the fact that when we believe more and more when the chain and the content of the commercial terms of the home page has become more and more can not shake. Or we came to believe that some of the advantages of congenital, now the operation of Shanghai Longfeng novice, in an extremely awkward state.

?You may get

Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon how to treat workers


third, you believe that you do go up, can be busy with other things

second questions, you believe you can win in the many opponents in

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