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The key factors of

site outside the chain if we can grasp in their own hands, so the stability and time of natural chain can be controlled by Links, in a sense, has a certain control for the owners themselves, of course, half control in and of themselves, friends of the chain website in hand, the role of a chain in the new love Shanghai algorithm becomes more and more important, relevant and high quality is still the first choice, the choice of quality and related website platform and their friends of the chain, even if it takes a certain amount of money, than their aimless release on the Internet in the chain, the effect is much better, and the chain is also more stable.

and their website that is better, if there is no correlation between that also must choose relevant channels to release, which can help to improve the quality of the chain, but also to the wider access to other users reproduced, so the chain of nature can exist for longer periods of time on the Internet, and make greater contribution to the website optimization.

site optimization cannot leave the chain construction, although the sea fell in love with the new algorithms, the construction of the chain are subject to many restrictions, but in Shanghai Longfeng optimization the importance is self-evident, to know from the optimization of the existing mode, the tactics Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. is still the mainstream, think outside the chain to be in the the main context can play a greater role, requires high quality and relevance of the chain, of course, the most important is the chain should be longer, because now a lot of Web site ranking stability is poor, and the chain number of instability has a great relationship.

in order to enhance the chain in time on the Internet, the key is not the chain set how clever, but the chain carrier content can get user recognition and love, which is the key factor in the reform of Shanghai love algorithm, the target page carrier content and the chain of the chain to has a certain correlation, on the basis of the chain carrier content must have certain readability and originality, to be able to help a small number of users on the Internet, so you can get these users, even for other users to reprint, of course, the chain can be included, you should choose a the right platform to release.


, a chain and the content of the effective combination of

Two, pay attention to the ? construction

blog the chain construction is also a link in control of their own.

outside chain number is not stable chain release often by other websites to delete, or love Shanghai believes that the quality of the chain is very poor, and there is no correlation between the quality of the search engine, so the chain from the original collection became clear, the number of natural chain stability will change the difference, thus enhance the chain can exist in time, is also an important method for the stability of the chain effective number, so how to improve the chain of time

If we can find a correlation between

three, the construction of the chain

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