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2. by K before, now in the sandbox, the page is not put out

during the Qingming before I changed the space it is decisive, serious buy. Stability is no problem. But today I come back at the Qingming holiday, or the like. My heart pull pull cool cool. After a night of meditation. Think of the following reasons:

is more than I encountered such a situation some of their own understanding and description, also hope to encounter this problem webmaster friends, we can talk together, learning. In this paper, by the Ningbo Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝lzf Shanghai dragon 520.sinaapp贵族宝贝/ webmaster writing, please keep the author link, thank you.


after the Internet search found, Shanghai love site data and love Shanghai statistical data reference data using 2 different databases, 2 complementary data also requires a certain period of time, have to wait for about half a month but. You wait. But in the process, the site must ensure the quality of the update and quantitative every day of the chain construction work, hope that I can love Shanghai early release page.

1. domain name weight is not high, site data is not completely coincide with the love of Shanghai statistics.

here is a very obvious difference from the site data is only one, but the statistics data of 23. The website is after all I deployed in the local good no problem to the server, and the quantity and quality of the article is also carefully arranged, upload is in 3-24 or so, after a period of operation, 3-31, that day I fell in love in Shanghai referred to the site entrance, after not thought about an hour, the page is included. (Kuang Xia) that love home in Shanghai there is still good, although once was K. So, the domain name is not afraid of being K, is to make full preparations before being recognized for love in Shanghai.

the next few days, the problem appeared. After several days of observation, have only included the home page, site out of the data follow the screenshot, find the relevant results of the data is also increasing. Is not released to the page. (once thought own browser problems.) after the website search found, perhaps with unstable space relationship. Although the speed can be, but from time to time there will be 502 error occurs. I put the site with a yuan (equivalent to free) space, after never. Do optimization is very important to space station stability.

recently took over a case, is a new station, is to use forum program to do before, and later because of various reasons, unable to continue. The modified CMS program for the empire. Instead of the empire before the CMS site has been in love with the sea K without rest. Now I will directly above the.

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