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will refuse to play to the extreme scale of station. The Internet is full of a large number of repeated.

, which belongs to the violation of the principle of search engine.

to get a good ranking, on the same page crazy stack related keywords, using a variety of dominant and recessive way, in every corner of the page stack repeating the keyword, even hidden text or hidden in the body, behind the picture, obviously, this in the early stage of the search engine is not perfect, but quite good results. Obviously, this has caused a strong rejection of the search engine, all search engines do not love, we are determined not to do. All search engines love, we must do. (great three whatevers, or a bad

We look at the keyword

is excessive, contrary to the normal logical thinking, contrary to the normal development process, the transaction is affected, there is a strong manipulation results. The attendant is search engine punishment.

however, when, in the process of Web site optimization, if we go against master mean, too, that we have to take what horse leg, will bring the master at any time. I define him as the site optimization excessive.

Er mission, is destined to be a search engine to make, as people always think, pondering the master (you don’t like me too similar, Paizhuan, originally wanted to use the word ‘, which is obviously not respected in our industry, direct shot dead). Site optimization, has become the most lofty goal in life.

Shanghai dragon

in order to get more traffic, N key words will be inserted in the title, keywords, description, and look forward to the opportunity to get more opportunities, but unfortunately, the search engine has been aware of this problem, for such behavior, the search engine is not very love, maybe he thinks will be single-minded, practice everywhere the amorous, is not desirable. Therefore, we should take the good, for each keyword, about 5 is appropriate. The search engine also love child.

) The so-called

again: Crazy indiscriminate collection

: a large number of second page keyword stuffing:

do you know Shanghai dragon, the power of the original, but all of the original, who has time to do other things. Therefore, pseudo original, become many of the popular words. However, now many acquisition software especially the station group software,

: title, keyword, description, N into the

there is a person, open my eyes, just crazy to think about a problem, are repeatedly doing the same thing, until the tired is going to hold on the eyelids, did not forget to beat the Enter key, see the symbol of success, was unable to part close eye, with satisfaction, sleep to dream, still fast hit the keyboard. This kind of person is Shanghai dragon er.

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