How to spend the new love Shanghai sandbox

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5, a love of Shanghai, love Shanghai statistics is not a simple statistical tool, which is the same as Google Adsense management tools, the purpose is.

might see this title many webmaster friends will ask, how also love Shanghai sandbox? Not only Google sandbox? The author explain the meaning of the sandbox. The sandbox is the search engine to the site of the "assessment period" during this period, the website often exhibit poor ranking, the weight is not enough, the inside pages included slow phenomenon. Obviously, the current Shanghai love also has this kind of phenomenon on the new website. So don’t call this problem the sandbox, we aimed at the problem, share with you today and the new station how to smooth through the love of Shanghai "audit stage". For a new station, if you can in the beginning do some preparation, so often can quickly out of the love of Shanghai "sandbox", "a good beginning is half of success", in the eyes of the search engines is also like this. So from those aspects to pay attention to

3, the general situation of Shanghai love for new sites, website snapshot and content pages are updated in 2 weeks time, soon come once a week, and are generally a week update time will give out some content that you love Shanghai has spider crawling and included, but based on trust, or that the website weight, not immediately put out, so this time must not worry, as long as well, just wait.

1, line on the website before the site to determine the type and direction, site title, keywords, description, the submission must determine a good love before Shanghai, do not modify the site included in. The other station optimization or do, for example, 404 pages, robots, static URL, etc.. Then add a few original articles of high quality, waiting for the love Shanghai spider crawling and included.

4, set up several external blog support your website, if you understand the chain a thorough comparison of words, you can consider the use of chain wheel, don’t go to the site to do the links in my blog, to train the weights of the blog, blog is love Shanghai included, when the weight is the key to do their own websites outside the station at text link, rather than a simple URL link, because the link URL simply no role at text link, at text link can not only increase the weight of the website but also improve website ranking.


2, love Shanghai included, first released (not included more outreach before the site is not necessary to do outreach), to do the content, timing and quantitative release of original content, not just started to reprint the collected articles. If allowed to try to agree with the previous three months, half a month before or at least a month to update the website content, rather than just blindly outreach. The content of the web site do not anxious to do outreach, often love Shanghai will extend the "sandbox", this is the so-called "KMT government".

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