Wang Tong Taobao Shanghai dragon super huge market growth space

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2, directly from the essence of

?We look at the data:

two years ago, I wrote an article on Taobao Shanghai Longfeng market article, said the market is very promising, and then set up a Taobao Shanghai dragon team, launched several Taobao Shanghai Longfeng experts, training hundreds of professional Taobao Shanghai dragon, Taobao Shanghai dragon market has begun to develop, more and more the more quickly. However, in my opinion, today’s Taobao search engine optimization Shanghai dragon, like 10 years ago, is still in its infancy, super huge market opportunities. Why

B, now, Taobao has 5 million 860 thousand stores, the number of shops doubled. The professional conduct of Taobao Shanghai Longfeng services company, is still no more than 10, most are still in the exploratory period.

When the

D, so, in less than three years, all Taobao stores, will recruit professional Taobao Shanghai dragon staff, Taobao Shanghai dragon service structure like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in general.

choose a tell the development of the market, success will be easier. Remember a word: Lei tornado came, pigs will fly! Since Taobao Shanghai dragon market space is so great, then as a novice how to study Taobao Shanghai dragon

for search engine optimization, and many people came into the misunderstanding, learn the more complex, more science more; if Taobao research Shanghai dragon algorithm, not into the misunderstanding in front of

C, 10 years ago, China in Shanghai Longfeng industry, also a handful of knowledge. At present? At least hundreds of thousands of employees, all companies in the recruitment of personnel in Shanghai dragon.

A, two years ago, when I wrote the article, Taobao has only 258 stores, was not a professional Taobao Shanghai dragon company or organization.

in 2002, I had just started Shanghai dragon soon, one day I was a famous IT community posting said, Shanghai dragon will become a rapidly growing industry. Was an Internet company in Guangzhou at CEO, because he felt that Shanghai dragon can not become a market; later he would appreciate my ability to network marketing, I would like to go to work in his company, I asked a very ordinary treatment at the time, he felt a bit high, I didn’t go to the first half. After their own business. A while ago, see this guy talking about it on micro-blog, said he later saw the development of Shanghai dragon industry, regret the intestines are green.

any field, road to jane. As long as we start to study from nature, everything will become very simple. According to the research ideas of Taobao Shanghai dragon. Two years ago, the article I had written out. The principle is as follows:

choice is more important than hard work

! algorithm?1, avoid misunderstanding into

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