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The author describes the , a title, keywords, descriptionThe title When

for internal site update and optimization, the author thinks that there is not much difficulty, important is whether or not you have a day to seriously take care of and adhere to, updating and optimization of the internal site has made the following analysis:

set of keywords, the author’s own Shanghai makeup training school website my general keywords the first set only 3 to 5, when the future site development the need to add keywords to add. So we have clear words, you can after the website optimization promotion targeted on the site optimization and promotion of Shanghai dragon.

1. update

introduction: This paper is mainly aimed at the enterprise website ranking and share some of the methods and experience, some experience and methods of website promotion and ranking is also the author of many years summary, hope to help to learn Shanghai dragon website promotion friends.


for personal websites that write a reasonable line, can be appropriate to add some target keywords and long tail words in them, try to control the number of words in 50 words or less, with briefly summarized a few words on the line.

Update and optimization of Keywords



is not in the title do not put some special symbols, such as: * * * — and so on, and then is the title between space can use "-" "_" "|" of the three good.


is the author of experience, you can put key words in your industry category two: target keywords and long tail keywords, all target keywords and long tail keywords then you get in the industry, and then screening, finally leaving only the most appropriate keywords can.

for your web page, the author thinks that in the preparation of the updated content as far as possible toward their website nature writing, such as the current promotion of the website is a "Shanghai makeup training school".

set the title of the enterprise web site, general title words don’t too much to control in between 25 to 35 words, English may be more than 60. Then don’t stack keywords, the author do Shanghai dragon years of experience summed up, set 3 to 4 keywords to general web page title, classification of 2 to 3, the page had better find some long tail keywords to optimize, only need to set the number of 1 to 2 is enough, according to the weights of the website home page segmentation, > classification; > article page, so if too much words in the article page, will share the weight, there isn’t a word ranking will be in front.

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