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is the Shanghai dragon end?

then Shanghai Longfeng is not really dead? Today to listen to Beijing network marketing lecturer Beijing Tao teacher after class, let me rekindle my filled with wisdom, Shanghai dragon confidence. Jing Tao teacher and we share the 2016 Shanghai dragon optimization method, since the media in the era of the rise of Shanghai dragon can not rely on their own website, but also with the third party platform optimization, and still do ordinary chain and write original is the primary Shanghai dragon er. Optimization of Shanghai dragon here and share kingtao teacher.


but because of aesthetic fatigue too many webmaster are doing the same thing in the spider, so now the effect is not so obvious, 13 years ago the chain is quite simple, just a love of Shanghai in any collection of news source comments left in keywords and URL is a high quality chain the method of this chain has swept the whole circle, resulting in the comments area become owners of the site, it is because of such problems lead to love Shanghai ordered rectification with a series of new algorithms, so that the chain rule changes. The new algorithm after the implementation of ordinary garbage outside the chain can not only bring to the site in weight but also to the website punished right down, this can let our grassroots webmaster anxious eyes, why can not the chain, too difficult to write original?…… So whether it should continue to optimize the website of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon where the direction of optimization is the core of the reform? Algorithm will increase the difficulty of optimization of Shanghai dragon, and in recent years a variety of fast pay promotion benefits, promote Shanghai Longfeng occupation once let Shanghai dragon Er generally bad mouthing, think Shanghai dragon has no future at all!


has such a case in Shanghai Dragon Industry: "content is king, the chain for emperor", and many just engaged in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng Er have put these words as Shanghai Longfeng optimization work of the core, but I love Shanghai with the renewal of the algorithm, this sentence is no longer one is all the website of Shanghai dragon. Of course, this is more than the Shanghai dragon predecessors handed down the summary of experience, for the website optimization Shanghai dragon can still play a role.

"content is king, the chain for emperor" is no longer the Shanghai Dragon Tiger Balm

chain of the breadth and depth of

what is the breadth of the chain? A lot of Shanghai dragon Er all know Links is the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is one of the most effective methods, so a variety of Links continue to add to the site, and finally found the effect is not obvious. In fact, do Links is a method, which will be referred to the breadth of the chain. We know that there are a lot of domain name suffix, common贵族宝贝,.Cn,.Net,.Org,.Int,.Edu,.Gov,贵族宝贝.cn and so on, each kind of domain name is the different nature of the site, when your site with different suffixes Links on your website is very beneficial, not by the same website for you the spider web site to recommend and >

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